CEC Products

One important role of communication within the DPC is to provide emerging information such as publications and best practices. These products were produced for consortium members as well as other researchers, institutions, and non-profits engaged in the work of enhacing diversity within the biomedical workforce. This site contains papers and tools to facilitate understanding and support further publication.

Products Description:

This group of products is designed to inform consortium members, consortium direct constituencies (such as students, mentors, and partner institutions) and external audiences that are aligned with DPC goals about the ongoing lessons learned from the DPC activities. These include but are not limited to tools, reports, and publications that capture the impact of evidenced-based program findings, process knowledge, and recommended best practices.

More Communication Tools:

The purpose of these products is to communicate up-to-date information to DPC audiences.  While some content is publicly available, the primary function is to inform consortium members with stories and internal resources.

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