Consortium Research Highlighted in Recent CBE-LSE and AIDS and Behavior Issues

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AIDS and Behavior Volume 20, Issue 2 Supplement, September 2016, "Securing the Future: Mentoring to Diversify the Biomedical HIV Research Workforce" describes the framework for the promotion of mentoring, as well as the evaluation of mentor training efforts, being implemented by the Diversity Program Consortium and in particular through the NRMN Mentor Training Core. Features include work by Hannah A. ValantineRichard McGeeChristine PfundAngela Byars-WinstonJanet BranchawSpero M. Manson, and others from the NIH-funded Consortium.

In the CBE-Life Sciences Education September 1, 2016 issue, numerous articles with authorship contribution from faculty across the Consortium aim to explore the issues critical to broadening the participation of underrepresented scientists in the biomedical research workforce and life sciences in general. 

The Diversity Program Consortium Coordination and Evaluation Center at UCLA is supported by Office of the Director of the National Institutes of Health / National Institutes of General Medical Sciences under award number U54GM119024.
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