Report: Enhancing Dissemination of Evidence-Based Models for STEM PhD Career Development

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Professional Development Hub (pd|hub) recently published the report, Enhancing Dissemination of Evidence-Based Models for STEM PhD Career Development. This report presents findings from a convening of interdisciplinary and cross-sector stakeholders at the Janelia Research Campus of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. The goal of the workshop was to understand the diverse needs and contributions of stakeholders in graduate and postdoctoral education, and to stimulate local and national actions that will advance the career and professional development of early-career scientists. Christine Pfund, Ph.D., and Angela Byars-Winston, Ph.D., of the National Research Mentoring Network, were active participants in this workshop. The report highlights key issues and proposed actions, stakeholder-specific perspectives, and pd|hub-affiliated actions moving forward since the workshop. Access the report here. Join pd|hub and a panel of leaders in PhD/postdoctoral education as they discuss next steps at the pd|hub Report Public Release Event on Thursday, March 4.

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