Success for our Nation’s Scientific Workforce: Sustaining the Diversity Program Consortium

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By Hannah A. Valantine

In 2014, I became NIH’s first Chief Officer for Scientific Workforce Diversity – with three data points seared in my mind:

These three data points, reported in 2012 by the Advisory Committee to the Director Working Group on Diversity in the Biomedical Research Workforce, sounded an urgent wake-up call to NIH and the biomedical community that it was time to look much more closely at both individual and systemwide contributors to our nation’s persistent lack of scientific workforce diversity.

Heeding the call to key recommendations from that Working Group, NIH established my position and office within the NIH Office of the Director; my team and I have worked hard with partners across NIH, the federal government, and the non-profit sector to address the group’s 13 recommendations. Five years later, while NIH has not overcome biomedicine’s lack of diversity, we are making substantial progress by all indicators...

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