Training Opportunity: Enhance undergraduate and graduate research training programs with Entering Research

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A Facilitator Training workshops for Entering Research (undergraduate and graduate researcher training) will be held February 13-14, 2020 and June 4-5, 2020 at UW-Madison. In this two-day event co-hosted by the Center for the Improvement of Mentored Experiences in Research (CIMER) and the Wisconsin Institute for Science Education and Community Engagement (WISCIENCE), participants will learn about Entering Research, a training curriculum designed for undergraduate and graduate research trainees in STEMM.

Participants will learn evidence-based approaches to researcher training and gain the knowledge, confidence, and facilitation skills needed to design, implement, and evaluate an Entering Research training at their institutions. Participants will build their own custom curriculum based on the needs of their trainees by selecting from nearly 100 activities that address seven areas of trainee development: research communication & comprehension skills; practical research skills; research ethics; researcher identity; researcher confidence & independence; equity & inclusion awareness & skills; and professional & career development skills.

Program directors, administrators, faculty, instructors, and staff of undergraduate and graduate research training programs are encouraged to apply. Each workshop is limited to 32 participants.

Please visit the Facilitating Entering Research website for more information and to reserve your spot in one of the upcoming workshops. To join our listserv and learn about upcoming workshops, please complete this online form.

The Diversity Program Consortium Coordination and Evaluation Center at UCLA is supported by Office of the Director of the National Institutes of Health / National Institutes of General Medical Sciences under award number U54GM119024.
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